In the Mughrabi neighborhood in Jerusalem's Mamilla neighborhood, an ancient building is visible in the center of a beautiful garden in authentic Moroccan design. This structure, which serves as living testimony to the history of the Mughrabi neighborhood in Jerusalem and its North African residents, is the David Amar World Center for Jewish Heritage in North Africa.
Founded in 1854 in the city of Jerusalem, the organization of Jewish communities in North Africa was the crowning glory of the North African Jewish Heritage Center in a building built by the Western Community Committee in the 19th century under the leadership of Rabbi David Ben Shimon (known as the " That).
David Amar, the chairman of the Jewish communities in Morocco, one of the largest and most valued leaders of the Jewish community in Morocco and the Diaspora, feels that there is a need to preserve the cultural heritage of North African Jews and that the strength of the Jewish people is evident in the cultural and historical uniqueness of each community. Preserving the "roots" of the Jewish people will bring about its growth. As a person who shared a common vision with the North African Jewish Communities Organization in Jerusalem, and as a follower of his father, Daniel Amar assisted with his generous contribution to renovate and expand the structure of the World Center and to adapt it to the diverse activities of the Center and his father's heritage.
The uniqueness of the structure of the World Center is reflected in the combination of the ancient construction that characterized 19th-century Jerusalem to the architecture and Andalusian design that influenced the countries of North Africa and the connection between East and West and new to old. The strength and wealth of the building, as well as its external modesty, illustrate the nature of the culture and heritage of North African Jewry, for which this building serves as a cultural center and a focal point for the documentation and preservation of this magnificent heritage.
In the courtyard of the World Center, an Andalusian garden was built in which unique mosaic works were carried out. On the southern side of the garden were designed arcades decorated with special mosaic arrangements along which are installed three authentic Moroccan fountains connected to a water channel that flows regularly.
The North African Jewish World Heritage Center is the only cultural and heritage center in the country of North African Jewry, and its activities take a central and important part, public figures. Among the activities of the Center are the Institute of Cantorial and Pietism, alternating and fixed exhibitions that present the history and heritage of North African Jewry, an audiovisual database of films, music, bibliography and images that tell the story of North African Jews and their heritage, a special library, conferences and seminars.
The David Amar International Center for the Heritage of North African Jewry was established with the belief and hope that it will serve as a magnet for all values ​​of culture, tradition, piyyut, cantorial and prayer, clothing and food, with an emphasis on Father's house.